Kept you waiting, huh? (Or: My First Post in a Long-Ass Time)

It’s been quite some time, Reader! Kept you waiting, huh? 😉

Just wanted to share a couple videos from a fellow resonant being vibrating at a similar wavelength to ourselves – his name is Joshua Roberts and if you haven’t already subscribed to his kickass GooTube channel, I highly recommend you do. Like myself, he produces infrequent but highly thought-provoking material and his latest two offerings are particularly poignant. I repost them here for your consideration:


2017 has been a quiet year thus far for Stateless Homesteading, but it hasn’t been silent entirely! For those who aren’t aware, I do a semi-regular podcast with my friend and fellow media producer Jake Counts of We Are Not Cattle Radio. We’ve done a handful of episodes this year and should have another one out within the week, so stay tuned to his website for those updates. I’ll try my best to post them here going forward.

The show primarily consists of current events, geo/deep political analysis, and a dose of humor not typically present in my writing – hope y’all dig it.

Jake and I have also been busting ass behind the scenes getting our new cryptocurrency blog up and running. We’re both highly dissatisfied with the current state of alternative media and the lack of meaningful solutions at our disposal, and let’s face it: Certain cryptocurrencies are the most empowering and positive “change agents” (multi-level pun intended) Free Humanity has seen in quite some time. With the recent price run-up, more people than ever are imbued with their promise – our goal is to make sure newcomers to crypto are aware of The Light as well as The Dark of this budding digital ecosystem.

The blog’s called if you wanna check it out. It currently consists of a lone blog entry and our first podcast, but more will follow shortly!

Thanks for stickin’ with me. Life has definitely dealt a “transitional” set of cards this year, leaving my private and professional existence in a state of disarray; the material world, unfortunately, has been the bulk of my focus. The kind of media I produce here at Stateless Homesteading, long-form articles that require hours upon hours of research and assembly, aren’t something I can sit down and crank out in an afternoon. They require a significant amount of intellectual time and energy that have been sorely lacking of late.

It doesn’t help when you pour your investigative mettle into a decent piece of journalism and “pseudo-alternative” media doesn’t have the stones to resyndicate a message that challenges the off-mainstream milieu – but that’s a story for another day.

Until next time… see you, Space Cowboy.

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