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For those who haven’t heard of it, Steemit is a recently launched cryptocurrency/content creation platform where users earn money for writing articles and voting for their favorite content. I figured it couldn’t hurt to reblog my stuff there, so if you’re on Steemit and also read my blog, feel free to check me out!

Thus far it’s mainly just reblogs of my most popular content, and while I haven’t exactly earned much from doing so, it has introduced my content to a few new readers, which is ultimately why I write – if it ever becomes a profitable venture, that’d be wonderful, but money is not the motivation for my work.

You guys reading this are. My own curiosity is. So long as those two things exist, I shall write.

As such, this is largely an experiment – there’s already a fair bit of controversy surrounding Steemit and the unethical nature of its core developers, so we’ll see how it goes. Not to mention that lengthy, in-depth exposes like the ones I post here are hardly the kind of articles that gain traction in our attention spanless, Buzzfeed-infected world…

I have put out a couple of short original articles there, though; one is me bitching about Steemit’s bot accounts flagging a post for “copyright infringement” (of my own content, no less!) and the other a quick blurb about going off-grid with a 12-volt system:

Of course, if you’re not on Steemit but find this blog to be of value, you can always donate to us via PayPal or Bitcoin using the links in the sidebar. And even if you’re dead-broke like most of us in this 21st Century Technocalypse, sharing our posts on your social media accounts is just as appreciated! While only a small percentage of Stateless Homesteading readers are donors to the site, I’m eternally grateful for those who are. You guys are the best.

A quick update on new content: While I’ve said in the past I had no intentions of writing on the Trump Phenomenon, his insider connections to both the Deep State drug trade and (curiously) an increasingly sordid cast of Transhumanists have proven too juicy as topics to ignore. Check back for that post and much more soon, and as always, thanks for reading.




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