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Rusticus on the Radio #3

Jake and I are back this week with another episode of the We Are Not Cattle podcast!

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Given that it’s flu season, we’ve got another update on the pharmaceutical scam and eugenics operation known as “vaccination.” We do our regular “Alex Jones NLP Game Show” segment, which is always a blast. We also talk about anti-NSA researcher Jacob Appelbaum, the scam of the textbook industry, and review the establishment contrarian Adam Curtis’ latest documentary, HyperNormalisation.

Thanks for listening!

Rusticus on the Radio #2!

I was on my buddy Jake’s show, We Are Not Cattle, again last night and repost it here for your edification:

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We talk weapons sales by the Military Industrial Complex, Alex Jones’ (inaccurate) coverage of blockchain technology, a review of Stephen Greer’s new documentary on the secret space program, and much more!

Hope you enjoy. If you’re interested in following my work on cryptocurrencies, please follow us at

Stateless Homesteading Podcast #1: Agenda 21 – Hometown Globalism


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On the inaugural episode of the Stateless Homesteading Podcast, I’m joined by Jake Counts of We Are Not Cattle Radio to discuss the local tentacles of Agenda 21; specifically, how Agenda 21 has made its presence known in our local areas (Michigan and Georgia).

How do¬†“sustainable development” projects worm their way into local government policy, anyways? Where does one look for evidence that Agenda 21 is in their¬†hometown? What can we do to resist the Technocratic Neofeudalism of sustainable development? ¬†Is resistance still possible or futile?

All this and more on the Stateless Homesteading Podcast.


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