All I Want for Christmas is Some Audience Feedback!

Since starting Stateless Homesteading earlier this year, this little blog of ours has enjoyed success far beyond what I’d originally anticipated. Owed in no small part to websites like Activist Post and The Sleuth Journal giving an unknown writer a chance, this half year of blogging has been an enthralling experience.

Having everyone’s favorite survival seed-slinging disinformation agent reblog my work and proceed to misattribute its authorship was certainly… unexpected. Watching these articles float around the blogosphere and spark conversation and debate (in multiple languages, at that!) was also unexpected, though in a far more rewarding and meaningful way.

Unfortunately, not a lot of this discussion has made it back to Stateless Homesteading proper… yet. I know you’re out there, Readers, so please, don’t be strangers! A blogger without feedback is just a crazy person talking at their computer – I’d like to think you can still save me from such a fate!

Leave a comment on this post, or shoot me an email at

What topics do you find most captivating? Any constructive criticism? Where should we take Stateless Homesteading in 2016? I do, after all, blog for you guys out there as much as I do myself. This is a partnership of like minds, or at least, I’d like it to be.

To be honest with you all, the original vision for this site was very pointed – to catalogue my personal research on Agenda 21 (with a healthy dollop of bitching) while documenting the process of building your own home and going off-grid with as little State intervention as possible. But along the way, the daunting process of actually getting off the grid coupled with the overnight popularity of my Agenda 21 musings conspired to bring about only half of this original vision. As the number of non-Agenda 21 related articles begins to mount, too, Stateless Homesteading has become something very different than what I’d first expected.

So, Reader, I confess. I’m at a crossroads. Do I continue making Stateless Homesteading a general blog about Deep Politics, despite the fact that homesteading may end up being but a small fraction of the overall content here? Or do I strive for that original vision for this site and start an additional blog for podcasts, videos, and articles unrelated to Agenda 21 or homesteading?

Which would you guys prefer? It truly is up to you. Sincerely looking forward to hearing from you all.

Yours in Truth,
Josh, aka Rusticus

18 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is Some Audience Feedback!

  1. Dave

    Hey, you’re doing good work so you deserve more than just silence!
    Anyway, I wouldn’t mind a smattering of practical homesteading ideas. As you’re “out of the box” in your thinking, I’d guess you’d have some cool ideas for food production.
    With that being said, I certainly appreciate where you’re coming from in trying to mash all of your interests into a coherent whole, so it would also be a shame to pull away from current global events.
    In sum, keep it up, and if you have any burning homestead ideas, please post them.

    1. Rusticus Post author


      Thanks for your feedback and kind words, they do a man good in these dreary Michigan winters. I still plan on sharing my homesteading ventures, and am happy to hear there’s still interest in this regard, despite my lack of posts on the subject! The experience has left me with lots of tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid in all kinds of areas, and I’m looking forward to cataloguing them more this Spring.

      It seems you’re advocating that I try and keep all my work under the “Stateless Homesteading” banner, even if the title doesn’t exactly fit the vision anymore. I’m inclined to agree, if only because this site has built up something of a following; not a big amount by any means, but a consistent audience like yourself. It just strikes me as a crisis of branding to be making (coming) posts blowing the cover of dead CIA agents, investigations into CIA-connected drug/pedophile rings, and Marine Corps assistance to the Call of Duty game franchise on a website with “homesteading” in the URL, y’know? XD

  2. Dave

    I hear you. I’m preparing myself for another cold winter here in the Hudson Valley. It can be brutal! But, I’m psyched to read up more about vegetable production for next season.
    Anyway, I was thinking, and what I like about the site name is that it points to one possible action in response to the awareness painstakingly gained of our present world. In other words, you’re taking things that are apparently unrelated and offering a larger context that shows that, well, in fact, they are! It’s cool; it’s a statement, in its unique way, of how things are connected.

  3. Peter

    Hello there,site of this format is very valuable.I found it when I was looking about SDR backed by gold.This site can easily compete with big with hudge fundings(which are precisly controled opposition) ,keep going finding independent clues and conections,reader from Europe

    1. Rusticus Post author

      Peter, thanks so much for your support. I’m glad you stumbled upon this alternative narrative to the international gold trade and the SDR; as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there’s quite a bit of mis/disinformation floating around on the subject. Some are well-meaning precious metals ideologues, some are slightly disingenuous salesmen, and others still are witting disinformation agents (I’m looking at you, Paul Craig Roberts).

      While I’d certainly love the influence of an InfoWars or a Veterans Today, my experience is that these organizations are either a) Forced to significantly dilute their narrative in order to gain an audience, or b) Must knowingly publish false information in order to stay in business. That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions to the rule; James Corbett of The Corbett Report and Sibel Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post maintain much larger audiences than my own while maintaining their intellectual integrity. Hell, they even get donations significant enough to live off of! But these examples are few and far between, and while I’d love to count myself among their ranks someday, I understand how daunting a task that is… especially as something of a contrarian within the small and increasingly uniform space of alt-media.

      For now, it’s more than enough to know that folks like yourself value the research and keep up with it, truly. Hopefully this isn’t our last interaction, Peter, and have a happy New Year!

  4. Chad Henson

    I sent this site to my son as an example of what I want to do with a site I’ve tried to start up. I know dick about doing websites and have little patience for figuring it out… but I have MOUNTAINS of information I want to share and thoughts I want to convey from hours spent trying to figure shit out. I got to your sight through the Zen Gardner sight and have found this to be a very useful link for it’s exhaustive research and well considered perspectives.

    I don’t think you to split it up. Perhaps just a “solutions” link at the top for your homesteader stuff. Keep up the great work. Sights like this are very helpful for a guy like me to get some perspective.

    (My sight is a work in progress). Another sight from over this way that you might be interested in is the Daily Herb

  5. Chad Henson

    One topic I would appreciate seeing delved into (one that I have tried to synthesis into a coherent assimilation of information but having difficulty because of the massive amount of information to wade through) is the collaboration between the institutions of public trust operating under UN Agenda 21 and the wildlife and hunting preserves in Africa. I work for a state agency that is absolutely in love with Teddy Roosevelt and these trophy-hunter ego-freaks operating in Africa and more and more here at home. Lots of ‘conservation trust’ and a building up of the ‘conservation/ hunter’ meme which are being seduced into the globalist agenda and poisoning the minds of my supervisors and colleagues. Perhaps you might find that an interesting subject to tackle.

    1. Rusticus Post author

      Keen observations, Chad. Aren’t many State Department of Natural Resource offices and hunting preserves in very similar lines of work? After spending a lot of time in the wilds of Northern Michigan, the management of the white tail deer population strikes me as a giant open-air game preserve over which the government holds a monopoly.

      The eugenicists over at the World Wildlife Fund and their significant activity in Africa almost seems to breed the kind of preserves you cite; with a heavy emphasis on the reintroduction of predators (the Wildlands Project) into areas now populated by (largely rural and impoverished) farmers and native tribes, it’s inevitable that a “Disneyland of Hutning” would arise to replace actually putting one’s life on the line in exchange for taking another. Also interesting that here in Michigan, the DNR has “officially” announced the return of the mountain lion to the state after nearly a century, but a professor at Michigan State insists that the cougars aren’t wild migrants, but domestic.

      Of course he asserts this is the work of isolated “big cat” owning morons who view these animals as pets and subsequently release them, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is yet another Agenda 21-related predator reintroduction project aimed at managing the State’s open-air game preserve and its ecology as a whole. Still, I wonder if this is a case of game preserves being financed by Globalists, or simply the environment Globalists create encouraging a market that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

      I’ll certainly make sure to follow your blog as well as the Daily Herb and commend you for taking on the daunting task of learning something new! Blogging ain’t nearly as hard as it used to be; you don’t even need to know HTML or CSS these days with the advent of CMS platforms like WordPress, though knowing a bit certainly helps 😉 What little I’ve read of your work thus far is certainly valuable, I’ll make sure to put your blog in the sidebar here in the hopes of driving some traffic your way.

      Glad you came over from Zen’s site; even if I don’t universally agree with everything that’s published there, the selection of articles are always thought-provoking and the comments section is consistently riddled with independent thinkers. I know for a fact my opinion on the global nature of the Anglo-American Establishment, particularly as it pertains to Agenda 21, is antithetical to Zen’s opinion of the “BRICS Saviour/Global Awakening,” so it says a lot about his character that he was willing to introduce his audience to a well-researched thesis contrary to his own. I’d love to see more of my articles resyndicated there, if only to experience the community response to them!

      Thanks again for all your feedback, Chad, and best of luck in your blogging endeavors. Keep in touch!

      1. chuck finney

        Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond back here. There was a lot I wanted to say and have been too busy and kind of wrapped up in researching the Malheur bullshit (as my blog reflects).
        I couldn’t agree more about the giant open-air game preserve. I find it to be insidious because we advance ideas about ‘public trust doctrines’ and the “North American Model of Wildlife Management” (NAMWM) but think nothing of their fundamental tenants or the history in which they were developed (least of all the utility of the manufactured dialectic process that defines their conception… so much to say about Teddy Roosevelt in relation to this). As for the case of the NAMWM I think most of the 7 tenants are ridiculous as they subtly support the globalization agenda, but one of them states “there will be no markets for wildlife”. Marketing wildlife is exactly what we are doing and the fact that we invest so much in marketing and public relations proves this. The fact that the interest in trapping goes up and down with the market for furs proves this. The fact that we auction off ‘super tags’ in the tens of thousands of dollars for sheep hunts and other hunts to raise money for wildlife management proves this.
        I think the preserves are being financed by the globalists or facilitated through their collaborative efforts with their BINGO’s and the many UN and World Bank projects. (I’m sure there are plenty of opportunists capitalizing on this situation as well, but the driving force is the opportunities created by the Globalists). I’ve finally posted my commentary on my blog about the sport and trophy hunting/ Agenda 21 connection and the deceptive efforts of my arch-nemesis (at least in my mind’s eye), Rocky Barker, the celebrated “voice of conservation” for the Idaho Statesman and the BIGGEST DOUCHE in the West!

        It’s nice to have some supporting analysis into the ‘endangered species reintroduction’ agenda. That’s a huge psy-ops with wolves here in Idaho. I am very much a fan of the wolf and large predators in general and in favor of their presence on the landscape; but it’s quite clear that the restrictions placed on the local communities in this process, the over-reliance on Wildlife Services, the secrecy surrounding the wolf-kill operations, the creation of a special board under our China/ Globalist loving governor “Otter Butcher”… it’s pretty clear we are being played. It’s disheartening to see so many “intelligent” people within the organization I work for and the organizations we collaborate with, completely fall for it and parrot the ridiculous manufactured dialectic driving the contention.

        I have similar thoughts about the Zen Gardner site. I don’t agree with everything posted and will provide comment when I don’t, and greatly appreciate the conversations that come out of it. What I like most there is the genuine effort and deep insights he and others have to share (I especially appreciate Julian Rose’s insights and perspectives). Most the time I find the sight to be quite empowering.
        Thanks for linking me on your site! I’ll do the same for yours when I figure out how 

  6. Peter

    Rusticus,sometimes I find hard to figure out what web site is oposition propaganda ,which is totaly misinformation,and which autor of some topic just dont know future silver lines.Some are realy as you said well meaning,but are they truthfull?That sites makes sense,have logical path but which are the ONE?The truthfull?Im spending hours and hours per day on the net to figure it out and Im often mislead.Just for future economy I got couple of logical paths where it can go and which way.But which one is truly the one I still dont know 100%.The same couple of versions is about wars,future agendas,history etc.Just too many variables there.I find out site redefing god and thats next variable about I didnt have any clue,its very logical and it opened my eyes to another dimension how to look at things.Thats why I very value independent researches where hiden things are actualy just before our eyes.

    1. Rusticus Post author

      Peter, I wish I could give you a concrete answer to that question, but unfortunately we both find ourselves navigating the same field of mind viruses and deceptive memes. Equally as unfortunate is the fact that the “deliberate deceivers” and the “well-meaning dupes” have to be treated in the same manner – as a danger to seeking Truth.

      Perhaps my “conspiratorial” worldview is more grounded than most as I didn’t develop it listening to alt-media prognosticators online, but by reading forensic history like James H. Billington’s “Fire in the Minds of Men,” Quigley’s “Tragedy and Hope,” and the works of Antony Sutton. I’m reminded of Marshall Mcluhan’s famous phrase, “The Medium is the Message.” Perhaps a change in medium will tune your ability to discern the message?

      If you’re more of an auditory learner as opposed to a literary man, I’d give the Peace Revolution Podcast a chance; you’re likely familiar with much of the content already, but I owe the foundation of my ideological synthesis to Richard Grove’s work.

      More generally, though, if I’ve learned anything in media analysis, it’s to be vehemently skeptical of any narrative that outsources your power as an Individual, be it in a positive or a negative light. There’s a lot of these memes throughout alt-media, like the idea of “Economic Collapse/Overnight Reset,” which promotes an insular, survival mentality as you wait for an event outside yourself to take action (an event that will probably never come); or the idea that some secretive “White Dragon alliance” in China is fighting the Globalists on your behalf, a patently ridiculous assumption with no evidence that’s also designed to make you complacent; or the ruminations of the alien crowd, insisting that off-world beings are either coming to save or destroy us.

      This narrative is equally as true for the Christian Apocalyptos who believe the destruction of Earth is pre-ordained, as is Salvation through the 2,000 year old mind virus known as “Jesus Christ.” I find that most of the “Economic Collapse” crowd also tends to be overwhelmingly Christian; thus, their analysis of where the world economy is headed isn’t based on forensic evidence or history, but instead their desire to validate their beliefs in “End Times Prophecy.” I don’t mean to pick on Christians in general, as the New Agers in alt-media are just as problematic, but it’s a good example of this phenomenon of “outsourcing your power” at work.

      If you look at these types of “adult fairy tales” with a discerning eye, I think you’ll find your ability to dispel the factual from the false greatly increased.

      1. Peter

        Rusticus,what Im reading in US is lot of rumors about your future wellbeings.But noone is talking about some concrete things what happened after soviet union collapsed.Maybe there are some hiden organisations which are pulling threads worldwide but that organisation would be collosal with absolute power over everything in every country (thats saing alt.narrative).But let me share what happened around time of collapse of soviet imperium.The official story is that it started with unrest in Poland during 80’s.The unrest was suppressed.Economicaly everything was ok,everyone got work,from that salary you could live well,social care,healtcare was free,pensions was high,state donate new young families with enough money to build big houses.From everyday person look it was good.But some day in 1989 everyone but everyone in every country went on the street saing the system is wrong,there is not enough freedom (this is quite interesting how they can manipulate opinions so quicly)etc.(today is even less freedom).The system break down.Police,army,secret services didnt have orders to stop the protests and forming new ‘free’goverment.Over time it was revealed that the system was unsustainable and bankrupt and secret service was behind that organisation of protests.Then came hyperinflation,saving was wiped out,pensions low,we sold our most valuable assets and companies to the west because the east market was broke and our product had no end customer.Almost everything bankrupted.Over 15 years when west bought everything for free or low prices just to keep people working, investing there and find endtime customers somewhere in tie world.Now we transformed our economy mainly exporting to the west.But west is now broke with the same scenario on the way(could be different if every country will have gold backed currency to avoid excess).Now we will probably transform again to east over time.What Im saing this ?Because noone is saing this in US.When it will go this way I can see bancrupt companies,state,people.Selling everything valuable what they have to survive till they will find work.Salaries will be maybe 500 dollar/month in some sectors or lower if that bussines owner want survive.Maybe over time some russian will buy some bancrupt US company for 1 dollar just to produce and employ someone.I think your secret services are preparing us citiciens through for bankuptcy of state.I see possibility of breaking US to small states,with closed borders, without central washington to stay competitive and secure locals from economical refuggies(you no more need driving licence only to travel through states).Who knows what will happend?Ths crisiss is worldwide.We will see.Here in europe is noone talking about some preping,thats mean US will suffer mostly if in my opinion secret service is preparing us citiciens only and its problem of your part of world .At the end I dont know if some global cabal is pulling strings or its naturaly based on human predictable behavieur,where some supernatural being over us knows what happen over time.I believe God is,but we know little about him.Believe it or not when I need someting and I ask him in seriouse situation I get it many times what human have no chance to obtain he can give ,Im often just stunned what He is doing with me .Thats why I believe in someone who is listening and helping,maybe Im doing it all myself as new agers telling that that person is god.Im believe even in Jesus,so I dont get so easily confused about pope francis propaganda about muslims and who knows what sects is believe the same god.Its about personal experience with him or miracle enough big to believe in him again.Im not saying Im fanatic christian Im not praing or visiting church but I believe strongly

        1. Rusticus Post author

          I appreciate your unique perspective on this issue, especially as it pertains to alt-media programming of Americans vs. Europeans. I wonder how much of this is, as you suggest, a managed perception or merely a difference in culture, as the “prepping/survivalist” mentality of Americans has existed (in its modern form) since at least the age of the Cold War; in America, for example, there were/are no massive public works programs like bomb shelters or food stores as there were in the Soviet Union – Americans were urged to do this of their own accord. “Prepping” as opposed to “being prepared for.” That’s not to say I discount the possibility of some sort of “second American (color) Revolution,” as the breaking down of large nation-states to be (re)federalized under a new system would certainly weaken their ability to participate in this new “World Federalism.” The rest of the world has experienced hard times in a manner that America hasn’t in nearly 100 years, so we’re certainly overdue. As you say, only time will tell.

          Of course, I wasn’t around to experience the dissolution of the USSR, but from what you’re saying there was a sense of relative affluence before the detonation of the country. There is no such affluence in America anymore. There is virtually no manufacturing, no jobs for the youth outside of the service sector, and those higher-paying jobs typically require a healthy dose of University brainwashing, which of course means indebtedness. In short, there’s little left to rob. In my brief time on this planet, I’ve watched this country go from a form of opulence to severe wealth dislocation; there are pockets of the country where reinvestment in infrastructure is strong, but many more that look like parts of the Third World. For example, if you were to ask a citizen of Detroit or Cleveland when the “economic collapse” is coming, they’d say it already came and went, and in the context of those cities they’d be right. And this is of course without mentioning the severe deterioration of physical and mental health, as most Americans have been poisoned (GMOs) without their realizing it over the past 20 years.

          As I see it, there are three primary differences between the breakdown of Soviet satellite states and some hypothetical breakdown of the “United” States (though these are by no means the only differences).

          1. Americans are heavily armed and it’s hard to imagine a managed uprising in this country that doesn’t include significant bloodshed or resistance; much easier to control and direct a mob with Molotov cocktails and clubs than one with guns, which (in my opinion) is one of the main reasons Americans are being “slow-killed” by poisoning of water and food and “slow-robbed” via economic booms and busts as opposed to some overnight sea-change.
          2. Unlike the USSR, which had infrastructure to plunder by the West, American companies are no longer “American.” They’re sufficiently globalized and their wealth diffused enough to leave this country behind without thinking twice, as they already have in the post-GATT/Uruguay Round world. The TPP will only accelerate this. It’s a similar process to the looting of the USSR, but it’s being done in slow-motion and has only accelerated since 2008.
          3. We’re entering an era unlike any other we’ve seen in history with the rise of low-level algorithmic AI, robotics, and automation, and thus, I think it very difficult to extrapolate from history any clear picture of the future from where we stand today. For once, the phrase “this time it’s different” may ring true. For example, what is the future of Imperialism if you no longer need human soldiers to occupy a country (or at least significantly less humans) and use robots in their place? What is the future of “sweat shop Capitalism” if all manufacturing is completely automated? In this regard I have far more questions than answers.

          As for the notion that there is some secret Chinese elite working on behalf of Free Humanity as in your linked article, I find this to be ridiculous wishful thinking if not overt disinformation. American corporations and capital built modern China. Anglo-American wealth managers, through the LBMA, have fixed metals prices and managed the wealth transfer from West to East since Day One. The BRICS concept was the brainchild of Goldman Sachs, and the PBOC itself are readily integrating themselves into the IMF’s SDR system. As such, I think the “Global Monetary Reset” your linked article mentions will include elements of a commodity/currency basket, but I’d be hard-pressed to call this a positive development.

          Zimbabwe is indeed a resource-rich nation, though I would caution the idea that the IMF’s interests in Zimbabwe are fundamentally any different than China’s. Take, for example, Mongolia, which has been pumped dry of all her material wealth by the Chinese for decades now. The average Mongolian should have pockets overflowing with gold, but instead that wealth has ended up in the coffers of the PBOC. I see no reason why, in the long run, African nations will not be treated the same way.

          There’s much more to say on this topic, but I would also caution your notion that a “Gold Standard” is in any way “better” than fiat standards in terms of control of populations. In fact, I’d say in many ways it’s worse. I’ve considered dedicating an entire article to this concept and may do so in the future, but I’d recommend a reading of Eustace Mullins’ original work on the Federal Reserve:

          Unlike most of the researchers who followed in Mullins’ footsteps, he starts the history of monetary debauchery in America not with the creation of the Fed, but 50 years before, recounting the managed monetary crises of 1873, 1893, and 1907. Needless to say, the devastation they wrought couldn’t have been brought about without a Gold Standard. The monetary pendulum swings throughout history from “sound money” to “fiat money,” but the power behind the proverbial curtain never actually changes.

          “He who owns the Gold makes the Rules.”

          I’d also note that I’m not an atheist, merely an “anti-religionist.” I believe in “God” and have experienced significant evidence for this concept, but not in the manner of a “Bearded Man in the Sky” that’s outside of (and apart from) myself. But that’s a topic for another day!

          I truly do value your personal experiences on these issues, Peter, and thank you for taking the time to respond.

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  8. Jerry Kays

    I just happened upon this site, from I don’t know where, but I find it stimulating after reading the article and all of the comments, especially the one on how the USSR went back to Russia.

    I spend so much time on the Alt Media because it seems to be the best compared to so much of anything else. I have also experienced GOD (not God nor gods), so INtuition is my filter.

    I have recently come across two sources of info, that seem related, concerning the “cause” of so many things on this planet.

    I will see if I can find them and paste them here, I intend to spread them (links) around, but one came from Veterans Today, which I think that you bad-mouthed, so maybe you can tell me what you think of the link, and how it relates to your own view of their info (it seems they promote Fulford and his White Dragon folks) … the “second” subject, that to me is most important, because it so reminds me of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (which fake or not DO SHOW the intentions and methods used resulting in what we have today) …

    I realize this thread is rather out of date, but maybe you will find it and answer, Thanks, j.

    1. Rusticus Post author

      Appreciate the comment, Jerry, and I’m glad you find this site at least somewhat valuable – always nice to talk with someone whose spiritual conceptions are similar to your own!

      As for VT and the Gordon Duff “disinfo mill,” I don’t mean to give the impression of “bad mouthing” or attempting to discredit VT, if only because they do a fine job of that all by themselves:

      “I don’t know know any imaginable way you can get information…First of all…Because, about 30%, based on what I believe…and you know what? Who says I’m right? According to my belief, and I have as good of, uh access to information as anyone in the world, probably, anyone I know of. About 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write…anything I write I write between the lines.”

      -Gordon Duff, VT

      By Duff’s own admission, 70% of what he writes is a lie, and the other 30% is merely his personal opinion. The latter half I take little issue with – everyone has their own way of seeing things, myself included, though I try my best to leave my own color commentary until the end of my articles and let the primary sources speak for themselves.

      …which leads me to my main point of discontent with Duff, Wantana, Fulford, et. al., which is that they have ZERO primary sources which I (or anyone else) can objectively analyze. It’s always “super secret insiders” or “channeled alien psychic woo-woo” or “magical White Dragons taking down the Khazarian mafia.” Never evidence. If Stateless Homesteading is founded on the ethos of “Open Source” research, then VT is its foil: Closed Source.

      For example, the group that VT regularly refers to as the aforementioned “Khazarian Mafia” have members who are widely known to us (Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Brzezinski, etc.) Yet their supposed “mortal enemies” in the White Dragon society (or Red Dragon society, or just Dragons… they change the name so often it’s hard to keep up) have not a SINGLE public figure whose name we’re allowed to know?

      A few years ago, I casually entertained the notion of “super secret Eastern insiders” who were going to “take down the evil Western bankers.” Gold flows from West to East seemed to suggest this might be the case, so I went looking for evidence and primary sources to back up the contention. Many metals analysts (like Jim “The Golden Jackass” Willie, another talking head who offers no primary sources to back up his claims) had long held that the “White Dragons” controlled the PBOC; but when I looked, all I found was people like Zhou Xiaochuan, a Bank for International Settlements member who’s all aboard the IMF’s SDR basket nonsense:

      Others, still, said the “White Dragons” were the founders of the New Development Bank(s), but here, too, a little digging only yielded evidence of Western puppets like Jin Liqun, former Vice President of the Asian Development Bank (a vassal of the World Bank and America’s Neomercantile playing piece in the South China Sea) and now President of the AIIB. Who, by the way, has been hard at work signing “Sustainable Development” pacts (Agenda 21) with the World Bank:

      The video you posted, in part, was actually the genesis of my first article on this site; when Fulford and his merry band of “psychics” started propagating the notion that Agenda 21 and the Transhuman borg beehive society was A GOOD THING, my “INtuition” (as you so aptly put it) said otherwise. And so did the primary sources:

      Since then, I’ve uncovered ample evidence (from both “Western” and “Eastern” sources) that suggests supranational coordination towards building a “New World Order” (for lack of a better term) and little to no evidence of “White Dragons” coming to save us all from ourselves. Re-stating my entire thesis here would make this comment even more long in the tooth than it already is, but I’d suggest this article as a starting point for where I’m coming from:

      If there’s anything I despise, it’s being lied to. I think that’s true of everyone in “conspiracy” culture, as being lied to by TPTB is why we’re all here in the first place. So when there’s people claiming to be movers and shakers in the “Truth” community who knowingly lie to their audience, I don’t think these people deserve our time or attention. Lying to your readers as an author is tantamount to lying to yourself – the worst kind of lie, the kind that makes you an untrustworthy person.

      Duff’s assertion that he doesn’t know “any imaginable way you can get information” is patently silly – this site is LOADED with information in the form of primary documentation and verifiable source material, painstakingly assembled for readers to dig further into should they so choose. I would posit that Duff makes this ridiculous claim to dissuade people from looking at actual evidence, as if one takes a peek under those proverbial covers, they’ll quickly find VT caught with its pants down.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, Jerry, and I hope our difference of opinion on this matter won’t put you off to my future writings; I sincerely hope this is the first comment exchange of many!

      Kind Regards,


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